Breathe Easier With the Help of Our Cary, NC Pediatric Asthma Clinic

Western Wake Pediatrics offers an asthma clinic in Cary for our pediatric patients with asthma. We’ve developed an asthma management plan with our patients in mind, in conjunction with the National Institute of Health and the American Academy of Pediatrics’ recommendations on asthma management.

We’ve set aside Tuesday for our patients to schedule appointments for asthma treatment and management at our Cary Asthma Clinic. At this appointment, we’ll review the patient’s Asthma Action Plan and medication, and possibly perform a spirometry test to learn new information.

Our patients who are 5 years old and older will be given a spirometry test, which is an easy lung function test similar to blowing out candles on a birthday cake.

Asthma Management in Cary for Children

We recognize there are many different variables when it comes to determining how to manage asthma, including age, asthma severity, environmental settings, allergies, triggers and more. We’ll provide a comprehensive exam to ensure that we give your child the best way to manage his or her asthma. Our nurse practitioner and asthma nurse will guide patients and families through asthma management.

We also emphasize patient and parent education at our asthma clinic, so we’ll discuss asthma-related topics, including the following:

  • What is asthma?
  • What are common triggers of asthma?
  • What are impending signs of an asthma attack?
  • When should parents call the provider or go to the Emergency Department?
  • Is the asthma medication being administered properly?
  • How does the patient maintain control of their asthma?

The top priority of our Cary Asthma Clinic is to help children remain active in sports and exercise, sleep through the night without having asthma symptoms, not miss school days, and ultimately prevent catastrophic asthmatic episodes.

To learn more about asthma or begin asthma management with our Cary asthma specialists, give us a call to schedule an appointment. Feel free to check out our asthma management guidelines as well.
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