Medical Home Responsibilities

Western Wake Pediatrics feels that a Medical Home functions most efficiently in meeting the needs of both the patient and the medical team when certain items or tasks occur.  Listed below are the responsibilities of patients and the medical team to insure adequate and meaningful communication and evidence based health care.  The items and tasks listed below have been incorporated into the practice culture and into daily medical team workflows.

Medical Home Team Responsibilities, as a Medical Home:

• We care for the patient as a “whole person” providing health care and behavioral health care (referrals) for our patients.
• We will coordinate the patient care with the various specialties and the behavioral health specialists as indicated.
• We will make available online to our patients a medical summary that includes the diagnosis, medications, and allergies. Also, we will make sure that our patients get the clinical summary of their visit or are able to obtain it online within 3 days of their visit.
• We will attempt to contact patients 48 hours prior to health care appointments to remind patients of their appointment and gather all pertinent medical and health information.
• Both online and in our brochure we will provide information regarding office hours and how to contact us to seek and receive advice during office hours and then after-hours.
• We will provide patients with appropriate tools and disease specific education to monitor and manage their health conditions and care.
• All care provided by the medical home team is based on the evidence supported by the medical literature and the research.
• We will listen to our patients’ questions and concerns, make the management and treatment plan easy to understand, make sure to provide a good understanding of all medication prescribed and their treatment plan and goals.

Patient Responsibilities, as a member of a Medical Home:

• Our patients will be encouraged to utilize online resources from the practice website and our “Patient Portal” to assist in self-manage of their medical problems.
• Our patients are encouraged to ask questions concerning illnesses and take an active role in the health care process.
• Our patients are asked to provide an update of any changes in health status at each visit.
• Our patients are asked to take all medications prescribed as directed by the physician, and provide information about all over the counter, herbal medications that are being taken.
• Our patients are asked to keep all scheduled practice and specialty appointments.
• Our patients are asked to call the physician first with medical problems, unless it is a medical emergency, avoid using the emergency room in non-emergency situations.
• Our patients are asked to bring all discharge papers from the emergency room or urgent care visits to their next practice appointment.
• Our patients are asked to volunteer information about any health care received from any outside medical facility so that we can arrange to obtain that information to update our records and coordinate the care with those providers.
• Our patients are asked to provide a personal email address for easy access and easy contact.

Additional Information of Importance:

• Website information:
• Clinic hours of operation are:
Monday – Friday 8:45am – 12:30pm; 1:30pm – 5:00pm
Saturday 8:30am – 12 noon
• Interpretive services are available for language (Spanish, Greek, Tagalog) and hearing impaired.
• Patient portal is available for all patients. Please contact the front desk staff to request access. A valid email address is required for registration.
• The patient portal allows for: medication refills, contacting your physician for medical advice, requesting appointments.

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