Certified Lactation Consultant Helping Breastfeeding Mothers in Cary, NC

At Western Wake Pediatrics, we have an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant as a member of our staff — Bonny Reid, M.S.W., L.C.C. E., I.B.C.L.C.

As a lactation consultant, Bonny spends time teaching, assisting and empowering breastfeeding mothers in Cary. Her goal is to give families the support they deserve, along with the confidence and skills necessary to meet their breastfeeding goals. Bonny also leads monthly breastfeeding support groups.

Should I See a Lactation Consultant?

Facing breastfeeding challenges is completely normal. Every mother and baby is different, and breastfeeding is different for every woman. If things don’t go as planned you may feel discouraged or overwhelmed. Whatever struggles or challenges you may be dealing with, there is breastfeeding help in Cary at Western Wake Pediatrics.

Wondering if lactation counseling is right for you? Consider making an appointment with our Cary lactation consultant if:

  • You’re interested in learning more about the benefits of breastfeeding
  • You want instructions on how to breastfeed
  • Your nipples are frequently sore or cracked
  • You are unsure if your baby is getting enough milk or you want to increase your milk supply
  • You’re curious about what you should or shouldn’t eat while breastfeeding
  • You want advice about returning to work while breastfeeding
  • You need help pumping your breasts or storing breast milk
  • You’re worried about nipple confusion
  • Your breasts are painful or engorged
  • Your baby won’t latch on to your breast

Call Western Wake Pediatrics Today for an Appointment With Our Lactation Counselor

For help with any breastfeeding challenges you may have or for more information, contact Western Wake Pediatrics in Cary today to set up an appointment with our lactation counselor. We look forward to giving you the breastfeeding tips and help you’re looking for.
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