We at Western Wake Pediatrics have been diligently working to maximize the safety of our patients and families as well as our staff.  We appreciate your patience and trust during this rapidly changing time. 


COVID-19 Triage Plus Information and Referral Line:

1-877-490-6642. 7 am to 11 pm, 7 days a week.



North Carolina's Division of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) guidelines for COVID-19: What to do if you feel sick:


1) Stay home and call your doctor, if needed

2) Isolate yourself

3) Stay informed



NCDHHS COVID-19 FAQs: https://www.ncdhhs.gov/divisions/public-health/covid19/frequently-asked-questions-about-covid-19



Summary of WWP efforts in regards to COVID-19:



5/20/20 - Facial masks/coverings required for all entrants 2 years and older, and, in the case of a sick visit, for children less than 2 years of age as tolerated.


Well-child checkups can be done at the same time for two children with one parent.


Morning in-clinic appointments are still reserved for well child physical exams.  There may be times when in-clinic afternoon sick appointments start prior to 3pm.


4/18/20- Officially changed policy to allow for 2 caregivers in the office for infants 2 months and younger.


4/14/20- Opened 1:30pm- 3:00 pm schedule for well-child checkups for children aged 3 and older.  All children aged 2 and younger still restricted to the morning clinic.  In-office sick visits scheduled 3:00pm- 5:00pm.


3/27/20- Telemedicine offered for nearly all conditions excluding well-child checkups.  Continued with well-child checkups in the morning and in-office sick visits in the afternoon.


3/23/20- Staff wearing facemasks and gloves with all patients.


3/22/20- Telemedicine available for a specified list of conditions


3/17/20- Walk-in appointments discontinued.  Well visits only in the morning.  Sick visit appointments only in the afternoon.  Twice daily staff temperature checks started.


3/16/20- Began a curb-side check-in process, which continued prior changes (COVID-19 screening, etc) but also eliminated the need for any patient to wait in the waiting room. 


3/14/20- Efforts to establish a telemedicine clinic underway. 


3/13/20- Advocated for social distancing.  Posted COVID-19 information, including links to local and state resources.  COVID-19 screening questionnaire implemented.  Requested that one parent/guarding bring only one patient (no siblings) to the appointment.  Requested no caregivers over age 60 to avoid the office unless no alternative is available.


3/12/20- Staff wearing face shields and masks with all sick patients.


3/06/20- Isolation room created by closing off a short hallway with an outside door to create a small exam space.  First patient seen in this room the next day.


03/05/20- First Coronavirus meeting with physicians and managers.

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