Are Electronic Cigarettes Safe Around Kids?

Many are curious to know about the health effects of vapor cigarettes, otherwise known as electronic cigarettes, vapes or e-cigs. While researchers are still collecting data on the overall effects of this new tobaccoless smoking phenomenon, initial results shed some light on just how unhealthy they can be, especially around children.

Committed to keeping the children and families of Cary, NC safe and healthy, Western Wake Pediatrics has compiled some helpful information about e-cigarettes and kids health.

Facts About Vapor Cigarettes & Kids Health

Unlike regular cigarettes, which burn tobacco leaves, vapes heat up liquid nicotine. While this cuts down tremendously on the number of chemicals and carcinogens present in tobacco, it doesn’t eliminate them all, and even introduces a few new hazards to smokers, as well as their children.

Here are just a few things you should know about e-cigarettes:

  • Vapor cigarettes still produce secondhand smoke, albeit nicotine emissions are 10 times lower than in burned tobacco.

  • Nicotine can affect child and adolescent brain development.

  • The candy flavoring of some vapes makes them more appealing to children.

  • The liquid nicotine used in vapor cigarettes is concentrated nicotine — as little as one teaspoon is enough to kill a child if ingested or absorbed through the skin. Last year, over half the recorded nicotine poisoning incidents were of children under the age of five.

  • There is no regulation on the quality of e-cigarette devices or liquid nicotine cartridges. Some have been shown to release metals, such as tin, during use. In 2009, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) discovered some cartridges contained one percent diethylene glycol, a toxic additive also found in antifreeze.

  • Without the harsh smell left by tobacco, it’s harder for you to tell if your child has been smoking e-cigarettes.

  • Electronic cigarette users still experience diminished lung function and air resistance, whether or not they previously smoked tobacco.

Contact Western Wake Pediatrics for More Info on the Health Effects of e-Cigarettes

If you’re concerned about your child’s exposure to vapor cigarettes or want to learn more the effects of nicotine on your kid’s health, contact us today at (919) 859-9991. Our knowledgeable pediatricians will gladly answer your questions to help keep your family healthy.

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