My Child Has a Fear of the Doctor –– How Do I Fix That?


A doctor’s office can be a scary place for any adult, with lots of strange looking tools, complicated chairs and diagnoses that you may not fully understand. That experience is magnified for a child, as almost every experience is by comparison, and can result in a fear of their pediatrician. Seeing the doctor for preventative and active care, however, is an important ritual to establish in your child’s life, allowing them to seek medical treatment for any issues they may have.

So if your child is kicking and screaming their way to the pediatrician’s office, how do you combat that? The team at Western Wake Pediatrics has seen their share of children who are fearful of doctor visits and has compiled a list of tips to help you and your child view visits as an aid, rather than a thing to be conquered.

  • Explain what’s going on. Your child may be more observant than you give them credit for. While a stethoscope may look scary to someone who doesn’t know how it works, explaining to your child that it magically allows a doctor to hear their heartbeat may get their mental gears turning and encourage them to learn at the same time.

  • Be their cheerleader. Reward them for their bravery at the pediatrician’s office by allowing them to select an activity for after their visit, be it a movie they want to see or an extra few minutes of playtime before bed.

  • Bring a toy to the doctor’s office. Let your child bring their favorite stuffed toy along with them on their visit. The pediatrician may “examine” their bear or doll before examining your child, allowing them to see what’s going to happen in a non-threatening manner.

Patient Meet and Greets at Western Wake Pediatrics in Cary, NC

Western Wake Pediatrics is proud to host patient meet and greets for children who may be scared of the doctor. This can also be valuable for new parents and those who are new to the Triangle and are trying to find a pediatrician. Whether you need parenting advice, or want to calm a fearful child, we have the resources you need to make your visit to our Cary pediatric campus a pleasant one. Call Western Wake Pediatrics at 919-859-9991 today to learn more about our meet and greet program.
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