When Does My Sick Child Need to See a Pediatrician?


While you may not want to run to the doctor every time your child coughs or sneezes, it’s important to gauge when that congestion or coughing has lingered a little too long, and when they need to be taken to see a pediatrician. Taking them too often may result in hypochondriac-like tendencies that last well into adult years, while not taking them often enough when they’re sick could be deadly.

Properly diagnosing an illness is key, as something that you might think is a minor symptom, may actually be a sign of a larger infection or disease. In addition, your child may not have the verbal cues to tell you all of their symptoms –– a doctor may be able to discern that information with more ease, as they are trained to recognize even the slightest sign that something is off with your child’s health.

Western Wake Pediatrics in Cary, NC is happy to take previous and new patients, and welcomes walk-ins as necessary and availability permits. For parents who aren’t sure if their sick child needs to see a physician, here are a few rules of thumb we put together for pediatrician visits.

You should plan on heading to the doctor’s office if your child is experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Extreme and sudden weakness

  • Fever that lasts four or more days without change

  • Headache that does not go away for several hours, or is debilitating

  • Rash that spreads or is accompanied by red or purple spots

  • Vomiting and diarrhea

  • Stiff neck that is accompanied by a fever and/or a headache

Emergency Care at Western Wake Pediatrics in Cary, NC

If your child experiences any of the aforementioned symptoms, you should take them to the pediatricians at Western Wake Pediatrics. We welcome current and new patients, with special hours noted on our contact page for walk-ins. Call us today at 919-859-9991 or visit our appointments portal to request a visit.

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