When to Start Newborn Screenings in Cary, NC


If you’re a new parent, you know that the entire process can be pretty overwhelming. You can take in as much information and prepare as much as you think you can ahead of a birth, but applying all of that knowledge once the baby is here is a different matter. Lots of things happen within the first few days of your child’s birth, regardless of whether they arrive in a hospital or at home. One of the most important things is the start of newborn screenings.

If you give birth at a hospital, a newborn screening will be administered before you and baby leave the facility. If you have a home birth, however, the responsibility is more on you to take your infant in for a screening. Doctors generally recommend that in the case of a home birth, a newborn screening is administered on either their second or third day of life.

So, what is a newborn screening? It is a panel of tests that medical professionals run on your child to look for a variety of conditions, including genetic, metabolic and endocrine disorders, as well as hearing loss. While around 30 conditions are tested for (depending on your state’s regulations), the way that they are administered is as noninvasive as possible. Physicians are able to run those tests through material that is obtained through one needle prick in your baby’s heel. The hearing test is also minimally invasive, as it involves the use of an earphone to read their hearing levels. Doctors may also use a specialized set of sensors to determine if your child has any congenital heart defects.

Some parents may not wish to have newborn screenings, but it is important to note that several are required by the state. It is also important to realize that while it may be scary to learn that your child was born with a condition, it is far better to start them as early as possible with treatment than to wait until the condition potentially emerges on its own.

Trust Your Newborn’s Care to Western Wake Pediatrics in Cary

If your child’s newborn screening comes back with a condition flagged, or even if they have a perfect panel, the care you need to keep your infant healthy is available at Western Wake Pediatrics. Offering a team of pediatricians and nurse practitioners, we can provide the appropriate services to maintain happy children at any age, from newborn up through young adult.

To learn more about how Western Wake Pediatrics can assist with your newborn screening in Cary, contact us online or call our office at 919-859-9991.

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