How to Help Prevent Diabetes in Cary, NC Children


If you or several of your family members have diabetes, you may be wondering how you can prevent your children from dealing with this condition. While Type 1 diabetes is not completely preventable for children or adults, there are steps you can take to prevent Type 2 diabetes in your kids.


Even today, medical experts are not sure what causes children to have Type 1 diabetes, but there are some things you can do to lower the risk for your kids. Breastfeeding and avoiding early introduction of solid foods can play a role in decreasing their chances. You can also talk to the pediatricians at Western Wake Pediatrics in Cary, NC about a blood test to detect early signs of Type 1 diabetes.

Avoiding Type 2 Diabetes in Children

Type 2 diabetes in kids is different than Type 1 in that parents can take steps to prevent it in their children. In years past, Type 2 diabetes has mostly affected adults, but it now reaches more children as the number of overweight kids increases. Excess weight gain and obesity are often the cause of Type 2 diabetes in kids in Cary and beyond.


You can help prevent diabetes in children by watching:

  • What they eat. Serve your kids low-fat foods that are rich in nutrients, including whole grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy and lean proteins. Avoid foods that have high amounts of sugar. Healthy eating will help combat excessive weight gain.

  • What they drink. Drinks like soda, juices, coffee drinks, sports drinks and some teas often have more sugar than is healthy for your child to consume. Replace these drinks with water, milk or other beverages instead.

  • What they do. Encourage your children to exercise instead of watching TV or playing video games. Making sure your kids are moving for at least 60 minutes almost every day will help them stay fit and avoid gaining too much weight. Get your whole family involved by taking walks after school or playing sports on the weekends.


If you would like more information about diabetes in children in Cary, NC, or are wondering if your child has Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, the experienced medical team at Western Wake Pediatrics is here to provide diabetes testing. Contact us at (919) 859-9991 today to schedule your appointment.

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